Letter from Victoria

We received this in our in box and it moved us so much – we asked Victoria if we could share it with you… thank you Victoria!

redheadletter…Hello amazing people,

Where to start…I live where the road stops-literally! I have so enjoyed the blog posts of the many contributors to the site. I sometimes feel that I was plunked in a place where I am always coloring outside the lines. Does that make any sense? When I look in the rear view mirror, I see an ex, who got to stay in our community of origin; two children, who as teens struggled with a divorce and are now in better places, but still have some personal demons leftover; a grandchild, who when he was born and cradled in his birthing blanket resembled a super hero and still at the age of now 7-is just as amazing and his view of the world is unparalelled.

When I replace the scene from the rear view mirror and hold my beautiful, antique hand-held mirror, I see a 56 year old woman, who is still trying to figure out her place in the world-or at least her own little corner of it. I am one, not to see my life half over, but the second half has just begun. Thank you all for your insight, your humor, your satire, your strength and your vulnerabilities.


About Deb Neuman

I’m a writer, broadcaster, public speaker, entrepreneur, business coach, volunteer, sister, daughter, friend, auntie and animal lover. I still have a crush on David Cassidy (those pukka shells!). I do what I can to be healthy – yet I still break out and can no longer read the small print on anything. I’m trying my best to live in the moment (too hot – too cold – too hot) and I remain optimistically excited about the future!


  1. Please pass this on to Victoria! A huge thank you for those of us that are in the same place that she is and appreciate her cheering us on. “Putting it out there.” Isn’t easy. So happy to hear that it makes sense and supports others!

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