Remember “Pssssst!” dry shampoo? – it’s back!

susanDry shampoo has been around for a long time – and it’s back in style!  Did you know that the powder room was once where women went to “re-powder” their wigs and freshen up?

Back in the 1900’s style trends included monthly to weekly salon visits.  In between visits, women used various powders such as talc and corn starch as the at home “go to” to freshen their coif. What a mess!

Thankfully around the mid century the creation of a more practical and far more convenient solution was born — Pssssst!— the first available spray dry shampoo. Though it remained popular through the 1970’s – allowing women to visit the “powder room” and feel spiffed in just a matter of minutes, I’m not sure every 70’s child was convinced of its value.

pstGuess what – it’s BACK!

The resurgence of dry shampoos in many varieties is a must have for today’s busy women!  Whether it’s “no time in the morning to wash and “do” your hair” – an in-between shampoo freshen upper – camping trips – after the gym – or any time you can’t use water there’s a quick fresher-upper for hair on the go!

You can find these spray on dry shampoos wherever you purchase hair products.   Give them a try!   Pssssst! is back – and that’s a good thing!

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