Are middle aged women invisible?


I am about to turn fifty! Feeling a little apprehensive, I’ve done what I always do when facing something new. I have read everything I could get my hands on about the subject in order to prepare myself! I’ve read inspiring things, a few disturbing things and quite a few disappointing things! I’ve read many an article in which middle aged women Continue Reading

The blessings and burdens of being a caregiver

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Being a caregiver is a noble role. Whether you are caring for children, an elderly parent, an ill partner, or a disabled family member, others often look at you with awe and say, “I just don’t know how you do it all, you make it look so easy!” I can’t tell you how much I […]

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To my sissy on your 50th birthday!

How is it possible that you are celebrating a half century?  How is it possible that I celebrated that same milestone just a few years ago? Weren’t we just  splashing around in the bath tub together?   Playing kickball outside with our neighborhood friends?   Hanging out at the pool covered in Ban De Soleil and iodine?   […]

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I moved back home. It wasn’t in the plan.


I moved back home. I have not assumed a caregiving role.  I did not experience a cataclysmic event.  I didn’t inherit the house. I moved in with my mother, widowed, into my childhood home.  My 17-year-old daughter joined me; my 15-year-old daughter did not (“be gentle,” I remind myself). The truth is, five years post-divorce, […]

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Packing hacks to carry it all on!


I have never been a “light” packer but now that many airlines charge you 25 bucks to check a bag – I’m committed to carrying it on! Heck – I would rather spend the 50 bucks on something else during my trip! This became a real challenge when packing for a trip from Maine to […]

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“Whatever you do is better than nothing” – advice for you gym “resolutioners”


You’re likely seeing many new faces at your gym.   Perhaps YOU are a new face at the gym!  It’s the January influx of New Year “Resolutioners”!   Many of us with good intentions to get in shape.  By March – there will be fewer people as many give up and stop coming.   Don’t let that be you! […]

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How not to break your budget this Holiday season!


Gift giving this season can really get us going. We know this celebration is for love, it’s about family and religious significance …and yet…it can sometime turn into a guilt-ridden, shopping frenzy that leaves us with a January hangover that hurts for months. Here are my tips for making the season more awesome and less […]

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Can you help? Replenish needs you!

We wanted to make you aware of this study!   Check it out and if you have any questions, comments or concerns please leave a comment.   The good people conducting the study are happy to answer all your questions! Are you eager to cool down from hot flashes? Do they leave you irritable and feeling frustrated? […]

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We are totally going to be The Golden Girls!


Retirement, what a sobering thought! I had this conversation this morning with one of my best girlfriends. What on earth are we going to do in retirement? How will we afford to live? Where will we live? For our married friends, retirement is not as scary. All the plans they made are still in place. […]

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Can I handle the seasons of my life?

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Life, very much like living in New England, is full of seasons. Some of them we look forward to with great anticipation and others we brace ourselves for, thinking they may not be very enjoyable. Yet, whether or not we want them, they keep coming. Spring turns into summer, into fall, and then its winter […]

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Get your financial house in order – in time for the Holidays!


Fall is here and that means the Holidays will be upon us very soon – Christmas, Hanukkah – the whole holiday “sha-bang” !  As a financial planner- heck, maybe because I’m a bit of a worrier- I look at the costs associated with the season and try to wrap my brain around what that will […]

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