Caution. Detour. Lane Closed. Under Construction.


If you have driven anywhere in Bangor, Maine this summer you know the deal. There isn’t a road unaffected by construction. There isn’t a route you can take without a detour. In fact, you can’t drive for more than five minutes in any direction without running into dozens of traffic cones. My friend Jennifer Hooper wrote last week about feeling like Continue Reading

Lessons Al Roker shares as he celebrates “60″ !


Al Roker from the TODAY show turns 60 today!   He shared the lessons he’s learned in his 6 decades.   Great lessons for all of us! By:  Chris Serico, TODAY contributor Family comes first “The thing that’s got to be most important to you has got to be your family. And whatever you do, that’s […]

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Shouldn’t I Be Doing Better by Now?

I was angry last week. A stewing, simmering kind of angry; the kind of angry that refused to slide off my skin, instead, sinking into every pore.  It was a nameless, purposeless angry not caused by a person or an event.  Yet, there it was: entrenched. It was all because I took stock of where […]

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Head games and the finish line!


Congratulations! You made it to the starting line! Whether this is your first 5k, 10k, half marathon or marathon you’re already a WINNER cause you showed up! I’ve shown up to run a handful of 5, 10’s and half marathons. What I’ve learned from these experiences is that whether you’ve trained a lot or a […]

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Because you love them – make a plan for after you’re gone


Sometimes planning is about a being control freak. (You know who you are.) I’m a planner. It works for me because I do life better with an agenda. When talking about estate planning, it really is all about love. As I see it, because you care about your family you want to fully bear your […]

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Avocado pasta – yes please!


We LOVE avocado and it loves us!  It’s loaded with “good for you” fats and B vitamins.   So we had to try this recipe from “SHAPE”… it’s a winner! Creamy, thick, and rich with lots of garlic flavor and a hint of lemon. The avocado works wonderfully in this recipe to create a sauce […]

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Take THAT purse snatchers!


While in the grocery store recently I noticed an older woman searching the aisle intently for a certain item. The shelves had her full attention as she drifted ever further away from her shopping cart and her purse, which was in the child seat.  It occurred to me that this was a purse snatching waiting […]

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5 reasons we don’t (and how we can) save

In life we don’t always do what we know we should do. We have the knowledge. We know how many calories healthy females should consume daily or the speed limit on frequently traveled roads. But we don’t do the good that we know we should do.  This same conundrum exits with our money. We know […]

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Summer time SALADS!

Summer has finally officially arrived. For many of us, it’s been a long awaited season. The color & abundance of summer has come on quickly and is such a welcome site. Let’s embrace the colors and freshness that are available to us this time of year. Here are three outstanding salads that are not only […]

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Doing the Middle-Age Math!


I was sitting in the hospital visiting a friend last week and he was telling me about a patient in the next room, who wasn’t that much older than him, and had dementia. He said listening to the patient’s struggles from the next room, dealing with his own illness, and having too much time on […]

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It’s not too late to SAVE for your FUTURE!


My husband recently spoke with an acquaintance who told him, ‘Oh, I wish I had spoken with Marion years ago –  “Now it’s too late for me” said the fifty-something year-old man who was lamenting how much he hasn’t saved for retirement. Guess what – it’s not too late!  Thinking that way can leave you […]

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