It’s my menopause and I’ll cry if I want to!


I’ve got good news for you ladies. You can’t fail at menopause! Really, there is no way to do this wrong! There is no test at the end. No one is going to grade you. You get to do this whole thing, YOUR way! Last weekend I was having brunch with one of the lady bloggers and we were, of course, talking about menopause. She talked about how she Continue Reading

No muss no fuss breakfast – “omelet in a bag”!

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail hoppin’ down the bunny trail… and here come all the wonderful family gatherings & friends visiting. Aside from the bountiful fruit & muffin offerings for breakfast, I have a crowd pleaser! Omelets in a bag. Everyone gets exactly what they want and you only have to use a large stock […]

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Who “Keeps” the Memories?


My last post on this blog was about Throwback Thursday and the emotions old photos stir up, memories of “The Good Old Days.” This whole exercise sent me on a treasure hunt for my old family “stuff.”  It may surprise some that I wear my heart on my sleeve and I’m very sentimental. I save […]

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Love & Money – Can we work it out?

love money

Often times the biggest arguments between couples revolve around sex and money. Since I don’t counsel about s-e-x,  let’s talk about the typical differences between couples when it comes to money and some ways to best manage those differences. First, in general, who’s the spender among you?  Often, when we fall in love, we choose […]

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vintage friends

That’s a funny title, huh? Well, as I’ve reached, ahem, “middle age”, I find myself faced more and more with mortality. In the last few weeks alone, I’ve lost friends and acquaintances to untimely deaths. Deaths caused both by accidents and disease. As we age, we see our friends and families dealing with age related […]

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Trends to try this Spring!

Cropped Jackets

It’s been a really long winter. I think we’re all ready for spring! With the warmer weather arriving (we hope!), you’ll probably be looking to update your wardrobe with a few new pieces. I know I will! Sometimes updating your wardrobe can seem like a tedious task. You’re not sure what trends to try or […]

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People Pleasing 101 – put yourself first!


Here is my advice about people pleasing! Stop it, stop it right now! No really, if you have no time today to read the rest of this post, remember that and come back to the rest another time! We women “of a certain age” have spent our lives trying to please other people! Many of […]

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Remember “Pssssst!” dry shampoo? – it’s back!


Dry shampoo has been around for a long time – and it’s back in style!  Did you know that the powder room was once where women went to “re-powder” their wigs and freshen up? Back in the 1900’s style trends included monthly to weekly salon visits.  In between visits, women used various powders such as […]

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We’ve come a long way baby (tampons!)


I was 11 when I met my first tampon.  That began my long and complicated relationship with feminine hygiene products.   My mom cried when I got my period for the first time.   So did I.  She was happy – I was not.   We had just arrived at my grandparents Summer house for our one week […]

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